SkyLand Ranch longhorn

Fun Facts About 5 SkyLand Ranch Animals You May See During Your Visit

June 3, 2024

One of the best parts about visiting SkyLand Ranch is getting to meet our four-legged animal friends! We have a number of fun miniature and full-size animals on the Ranch that you can see during your visit. Keep reading to learn some fun facts about a few of the most popular SkyLand Ranch animals that you may see during your visit to our Sevierville attraction.

1. Miniature Horses

A favorite among our SkyLand Ranch animals is the miniature horse! These fun-size animals don’t get taller than around 34 inches in height, and they are considered proportional considering their size. Just like their larger counterparts, miniature horses are easy to train and can have different personalities. Some are very energetic while others are calm. Miniature horses don’t need much land and can thrive on smaller pastures.

2. Miniature Donkeys

kid feeding miniature donkey during Safari Hayride

Another one of the popular SkyLand Ranch animals is the miniature donkey! These furry little animals are herd animals, which means they don’t like to be alone. Miniature donkeys originate in the Mediterranean area of North Africa. Just like miniature horses, miniature donkeys are often around 34 inches tall. These animals only weigh about 200 to 250 pounds at full size. Miniature donkeys can range in color from brown to black to gray to white spotted.

3. Longhorns

The SkyLand Ranch Longhorns are truly impressive animals! As the name suggests, these creatures have long horns that can span more than 10 feet from one tip to the other. Young calves start sprouting these horns by just three weeks old. Longhorns are a strong breed of cattle with a higher tolerance of heat and drought than most species, and they can even survive days without water.

4. Goats

petting white goat at SkyLand Ranch

The SkyLand Ranch animals that love being pet and fed the most are our goats! Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans and can learn their name and to come when called. They are herd animals that will become depressed without other goat companions. If you look closely at a goat’s eyes, you’ll notice the pupils are rectangular, which gives them up to 340 degrees of vision without moving.

5. Alpacas

Often considered one of the cutest of our SkyLand Ranch animals, the alpacas have slender necks, floppy tufts, and faces full of personality. These animals have incredibly soft fur that is considered some of the silkiest and most versatile fiber in nature. It’s warmer and less itchy than sheep’s wool, and it’s both nonflammable and water-resistant. These animals make great hiking partners and are becoming increasingly common as therapy animals.

How to See SkyLand Ranch Animals Up Close

Now you know more about a few of the many animals you can see at SkyLand Ranch. If you want to get an up close and personal look into the life of our animals, make sure you reserve your spot on the Safari Hayride at Skyland Ranch! This safari adventure gives you the chance to hop aboard our covered wagons, where you’ll get to feed, pet, and take photos of our SkyLand Ranch animals up close!

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